Beneful Grain Free

Beneful Grain Free Dog food is a wonderful solution for dogs that require a grain free diet. The number one ingredient is farm raised chicken. Dogs enjoy the fresh chicken flavor that is accompanied but super antioxidant foods such as pumpkin, spinach and blueberries. This nutritional power house dry dog food is available in a 4 pound and a 12 pound bag and is carried at most major retail chains. Dog owners who are also tryng to keep an eye on their canine companions weight may want to consider a grain free diet. The added nutrients and decreased fillers can help provide additional and much needed energy to help increase play time and over all activity. Coupons can be randomly found at Beneful’s web page for additional savings on Beneful’s Grain Free dog food.

Hussain Sajwani Is Setting the Pace in the Global Luxury Property Space through Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman, CEO and founder of the Damac Group. The group consists of numerous subsidiaries such as Damac Properties, Damac Real Estate Development, Majara Investment, Nine Elms Property and Damac Maison among many others. The group has interests in real estate, property development and management, hotel and hospitality, financial services and manufacturing.



Damac Properties was launched in 2002 with a focus on the luxury real estate market. It is the biggest privately-held global property development company in the Middle East.



Forbes lists the UAE national as one of the richest men in the world. His net worth is estimated at over $4 billion. He has also been acknowledged as one of the most influential persons in the UAE. The Damac owner has an in-depth understanding of the property markets. He is adept at development, marketing, and administration. He has led the group to achieve rapid success.



Projects to expand into other markets such as the UK, Lebanon and Jordan are underway. It has prestigious properties in the major cities such as Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, and London.



Hussain Sajwani attended the University of Washington. He graduated in 1981. He briefly worked for the national oil company before embarking on his entrepreneurship career. He began in the food service and catering business. The Hussain Sajwani family serviced lucrative contracts from the US military as well as oil and construction companies in the Middle East. The catering division, Al Jazeira Services, is still going strong serving educational institutions, luxury hotels and camps.



Hussain Sajwani launched Damac in 1982, the precursor to the current Damac Group. Damac Properties was publicly listed in 2015.



Hussain Sajwani came into the spotlight when the media reported on his business relationship with the serving US President Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani enjoys a longstanding business partnership with Donald Trump that started in 2013. It is effected through Damac Properties and The Trump Organization respectively. They develop luxury golf and mixed-use destinations including Trump International Golf Course in Dubai and Trump World Golf Course.


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Talk Fusion University Offers Guidance to Success for Company Associates

Talk Fusion Associates have a new way of building up their sales and networking abilities, with the Talk Fusion University unveiled at the end of June. Its first broadcast came at 11am on June 23, 2017. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, expressed high hopes for the “Talk Fusion University” in a press release issued the date of the release. He said that he had wanted to offer his own perspective on success and growth directly to the associates of his network marketing company.


Three things are designed to stand out from the crowd of selling “how-to’s” with the video series. For one thing, Bob Reina himself is offering the training, based on his 25 years of experience at the company and the four-step system he created to duplicate his success across his entire team.


The price is also right. A Talk Fusion ID is required for the sign-in to the University website, but once in, there is no charge to watch the videos. Bob Reina said he wanted to ensure that all of his company’s sales associates had equal opportunity to learn and grow using the videos. The Talk Fusion University website holds over thirty different videos on how to reach out and connect with a wide variety of people, from differing backgrounds, educational levels, and other demographics. Learn more:


It also has an extensive written library of blog posts, journalism pieces, and other resources compiled and written by the company. Bob Reina has been a frequent contributor to HuffPost and MarTech.


Talk Fusion University was available in English and Bahasa at the time of its release, and plans are to have it translated into several other languages including Chinese, Spanish, German and Japanese.


When Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion, he quickly developed a system that allowed him to excel at network marketing, and the company now helps businesses show their strengths to a range of potential and repeat customers through its exclusive Video Marketing Solution. The company focuses on a dynamic, memorable marketing method that can boost a company’s sales and profits for the long haul.


A Financial Professional Reviews Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy


Warren Buffett has announced that he will give $1 million to charity as part of his investment bet strategy of generating more returns than a group of hedge fund managers. Warren, who invested in an S&P 500 passive index fund, seems to be winning the bet. The investment competition, which will be announced later this year, has sparked a lot of reactions concerning the investment options that both parties used. Tim Armour, an investment guru, is one of the experts who gave their opinions.

Tim backed Mr. Warren’s option of investing in low cost funds that can be purchased and held for the long term. He said that investors have been shortchanged by putting money in expensive and mediocre funds. Buffett is known for generating impressive returns through his bottom-up-investment approach. In the commentary, Tim added his views on Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder letter through which he offers his investment tips. Tim commented on passive versus active investments and passive index returns and more information click here.

About Tim Armour

Tim Armour has achieved much success in the investment industry. His extensive experience in the industry has helped companies like Capital Group to soar to greater heights. Tim serves as the chairman and CEO of Capital Group, one of the largest investment managers around the globe and home of American Funds. He was appointed to this position in July 2015. Over the years, he has demonstrated a deep sense of duty by performing his roles successfully. His started engaging with Capital Group by participating in the Associates Program. This was after graduating with his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and learn more about Timothy.

One of the notable achievements of Tim Armour at Capital Group is the strategic collaboration with Samsung Asset Management. He played an integral role in enhancing the company’s operations. The partnership involves the enhancing the investment capability of Samsung Asset Management by creating investment solutions that fulfill the needs of savings, insurance and retirement. Tim Armour’s broad career has also seen him work as an equity investment manager at USA service companies and global telecommunication. In his current position at Capital Group, Tim oversees business strategies and monitors operations to ensure smooth running of the company and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

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