Desiree Perez’s Active Involvement in the Operations of Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is one of the most experienced professionals in the industry, and she has helped celebrities like Jay-Z make it big in music. In the entertainment circles, she is recognized as one of the fiercest managers. Most people refer to her as an expert in high-pressure negotiations.


Desiree Perez’s role at Roc Nation

She is known to have an eye for profitable business opportunities. Desiree Perez serves as the executive head of Roc Nation and recently participated in the negotiations with Live Nation that saw Roc Nation secure a ten-year contract. Roc Nation is a company that was launched in 2008 that works in collaboration with recording artists, songwriters, and producers. This company addresses issues surrounding concerts & tours, brand management, promotions, and music publishing. Roc Nation also has a keen interest in management, fashion, and technology. This company also owns an NBA team that is managed by Desiree Perez’s husband, Juan Perez. Under Desiree Perez’s management, this company has continued to grow while making new partnerships with other businesses and more information click here.


About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is an American entrepreneur and media personality. She has close ties to Jay Z, one of the most celebrated musical artists across the globe. They have worked together on numerous projects in the entertainment industry. She has a vast experience, and she is the director of SC Enterprises. Desiree Perez is known for her tough negotiations skills which have made her acquire various contracts for her clients. She works with other artists such as Rihanna and Beyoncé. Desiree Perez has made a name for herself in the corporate world. She has facilitated big deals, such as Beyoncé Formation Stadium, a transaction that landed this artist one of the most funded musical tours in history. Desiree Perez also negotiated the Samsung deal for Rihanna, an American songbird. Desiree Perez also works at Roc Nation, a platform where she helps market music produced by various artists and learn more about Des Perez.


Securus Technologies Inc is the leading provider of communication and technological facilities in correction and jail services. The company serves up to twenty-six thousand facilities of correction in Mexico, forty-five states, District of Columbia and Canada. Securus Technologies serves over one million inmates in America. Some of the services that the company provides include management of government information solutions, detainee communications monitoring, and carrying out parole tracking. In addition to this, Securus also makes sure that the correctional facilities use the latest technical solutions, have the efficient customer service.


The company has other offices in the Dallas area and another office in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm was started in 1986. In 2016, the company had managed to invest over 600 million dollars in patents, technologies, and acquisitions within three years only. The company has managed to introduce innovative technologies that assist the prison systems in dealing with rogue inmates. One of the leading technologies is the contraband mobile phones technology.


Securus Technology has managed to effectively utilize technology to curb and solve crimes in the correctional facility system. In addition to this, the security helps to safeguard public safety through preventing crimes between inmates and even prison staff crimes and insubordination cases. The company has raging reviews from the people who have had the opportunity to use it. Richard A. Smith who is the company’s CEO and Chairman openly admitted that the company receives several emails and letters which talk about their positive services.


Some of these letters and emails talk about how Securus Technology has been able to intercept phone calls that led to the arrest of a corrupt correctional employee who was introducing contraband to a prison facility. The intercepted calls have also been able to expose inmates who were using contraband within the prison walls and also a civilian who was selling it to them. The monitoring of inmate phone calls has also been instrumental in solving some crimes that the inmates committed. Securus Technology has been able to serve as a guardian to the correctional facility system in various ways.


Sawyer Howitt Resilience In Overcoming Odds As A Young Entrepreneur

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Sawyer Howitt a project manager at Meriwether Group knows too well the potential of a young millennial. While stereotypes argue that age is a prerequisite for success in entrepreneurship, Howitt reveals that most entrepreneurs who are now in their 50 to 60s started their business in their early 30’s. According to Howitt, Some of the ways through which the youth can come out against of this ageism myth is by proving their value through their diligent and competent work. Self-marketing is also essential in letting potential employers and partners know that you’re up to the task. Further, honesty in what you can do and the resilience to keep moving will help you overcome many odds.

As a young entrepreneur, Howitt has exceptional attention to operational and financial needs of any business. He believes in the importance of connecting with your consumers and recognizing a brand’s soul. Moreover, the second-semester senior finance focuses on changing the nature of commerce in large as well as small scale businesses. The young entrepreneur prides himself in business strategy skills, project management as well as business development which have helped him stand out as a young entrepreneur. Before joining Meriwether group, Howitt worked at RFID Checkout as a business strategy analyst for one year. In his role, he worked in redesigning bricks through innovative technology a position he held for one year.

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Besides his prowess in business, Howitt has been supporting philanthropic organizations in helping women stand up for their rights as well as supporting educational funds. He has also volunteered as a PSAS tutor in his effort to support education programs. Further, Sawyer Howitt possesses customer service skills gained while working at Kure Juice Bars. He continues to inspire many young entrepreneurs to take up their roles regardless of the persistent myths against the ability of the youth to take up opportunities that arise. It remains interesting to see his future achievements due to his determination.

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Kabbalah Centre Appeal for the Stars

Most Americans had never heard of Kabbalah until Madonna started sporting her red string bracelet. The pop star icon was quite taken with The Kabbalah Centre so much that she began telling her other celebrity friends. Ultimately, many celebrities seem to have gravitated toward Kabbalah. Madonna says the Kabbalah is about helping people and more information click here.

In Orthodox Jewish tradition, Kabbalah is only to be studied by Jewish, married men over the age of 40. The Kabbalah Centre has been criticized by Orthodox rabbis. According to Rabbi Philip Berg, who was the leader of Kabbalah Revolution in Hollywood till his passing in 2013, he was making the Kabbalah more relevant by simplifying it and correlating it with modern times.

In addition to Madonna, Britney Spears became rather devoted for a period of time. After her split with ex-husband Kevin, she renounced all faith. Paris Hilton claims that the Kabbalah helped her heal after her break-up with Nick Carter. Sandra Bernhard has gone on record to contributing the Kabbalah for removing a lot of chaos in her life and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

Philip Berg and his wife Karen founded the Kabbalah Centre in 1984. In the mid-90s, Rav Berg and Karen moved from New York City and set up their main residence in Los Angeles and Kabbalah’s Website.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is equipped with technology that helps members see the world differently. The Centre’s goal is to help people improve their personal lives. There are many different classes you can take that are dedicated to a variety of topics involving self-help and Kabbalah Centre’s lacrosse camp.

Rav Berg suffered a stroke in 2004. Karen took over as director of The Kabbalah Centre. In 2013 Rav Berg passed away. Today, they have more than 50 locations world wide and Karen has published her own books that are rooted in teaching Kabbalah. She remains dedicated to teaching the wisdom of the Kabbalah. Her son Michael Berg is co-director of The Kabbalah Centre.