Securus Technologies Inc is the leading provider of communication and technological facilities in correction and jail services. The company serves up to twenty-six thousand facilities of correction in Mexico, forty-five states, District of Columbia and Canada. Securus Technologies serves over one million inmates in America. Some of the services that the company provides include management of government information solutions, detainee communications monitoring, and carrying out parole tracking. In addition to this, Securus also makes sure that the correctional facilities use the latest technical solutions, have the efficient customer service.


The company has other offices in the Dallas area and another office in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm was started in 1986. In 2016, the company had managed to invest over 600 million dollars in patents, technologies, and acquisitions within three years only. The company has managed to introduce innovative technologies that assist the prison systems in dealing with rogue inmates. One of the leading technologies is the contraband mobile phones technology.


Securus Technology has managed to effectively utilize technology to curb and solve crimes in the correctional facility system. In addition to this, the security helps to safeguard public safety through preventing crimes between inmates and even prison staff crimes and insubordination cases. The company has raging reviews from the people who have had the opportunity to use it. Richard A. Smith who is the company’s CEO and Chairman openly admitted that the company receives several emails and letters which talk about their positive services.


Some of these letters and emails talk about how Securus Technology has been able to intercept phone calls that led to the arrest of a corrupt correctional employee who was introducing contraband to a prison facility. The intercepted calls have also been able to expose inmates who were using contraband within the prison walls and also a civilian who was selling it to them. The monitoring of inmate phone calls has also been instrumental in solving some crimes that the inmates committed. Securus Technology has been able to serve as a guardian to the correctional facility system in various ways.