Balancing Liquidity and Investments with Richard Blair

In 1993, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions graduated from the University of Houston with a first degree in financial management. Immediately after, he founded his investment and assets management firm, the Wealth Solutions in 1994. The company is based in Austin, Texas.


In his experience, Richard has grown in his career to become one of the best financial and assets management expert in the country. With objective thinking and high expertise, Richard has been on the forefront of his company by providing excellent, customized strategies to his clients. He enjoys a pool of clients from both the workforce fraternity and retired individuals. Considering the high potential held by his clients, Richard is careful to ensure that he only invests their assets and wealth using a peculiar process to allow these assets maximize on their portfolio, hence increasing profit margins for the clients. His strategies are popular since they are normally relied on to avoid common financial pitfalls.


Being in the industry for more than two decades has proven Richard Blair worth of his abilities. As such, his range of clients has also expanded from individuals to families as well as small and medium enterprises. Thanks to his education background, Richard has gained vast knowledge and experience in finance. He mentions that his ability to always be on top of things is as a result of the discipline to read and gain relevant knowledge throughout his lifetime. With his grandmother, wife and mother being teachers, it became easier for him to pursue this kind of lifestyle as it was encouraged in the family ever since he was young.


Apart from providing assets and wealth management services to his clients, his firm also offers life insurance and long-term care as annuities. All these insurance policies are normally customized based on the goals and strategies agreed upon by the client. Richard sees this as an opportunity to give back to his clients, whether the business performs well or not during the year.


One of the major principles Wealth Solutions has embraced in a bid to ensure all assets and wealth at hand are well taken care off is the long-term strategy principle. With this yardstick, Richard Blair and his team are able to build a strategy aligning to the client’s financial desires. As such, the client not only enjoys being in step with the investments being made on his behalf, but also, he is able to relate with the liquidity alternatives put in place for his assets or wealth.


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