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Balancing Liquidity and Investments with Richard Blair

In 1993, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions graduated from the University of Houston with a first degree in financial management. Immediately after, he founded his investment and assets management firm, the Wealth Solutions in 1994. The company is based in Austin, Texas.


In his experience, Richard has grown in his career to become one of the best financial and assets management expert in the country. With objective thinking and high expertise, Richard has been on the forefront of his company by providing excellent, customized strategies to his clients. He enjoys a pool of clients from both the workforce fraternity and retired individuals. Considering the high potential held by his clients, Richard is careful to ensure that he only invests their assets and wealth using a peculiar process to allow these assets maximize on their portfolio, hence increasing profit margins for the clients. His strategies are popular since they are normally relied on to avoid common financial pitfalls.


Being in the industry for more than two decades has proven Richard Blair worth of his abilities. As such, his range of clients has also expanded from individuals to families as well as small and medium enterprises. Thanks to his education background, Richard has gained vast knowledge and experience in finance. He mentions that his ability to always be on top of things is as a result of the discipline to read and gain relevant knowledge throughout his lifetime. With his grandmother, wife and mother being teachers, it became easier for him to pursue this kind of lifestyle as it was encouraged in the family ever since he was young.


Apart from providing assets and wealth management services to his clients, his firm also offers life insurance and long-term care as annuities. All these insurance policies are normally customized based on the goals and strategies agreed upon by the client. Richard sees this as an opportunity to give back to his clients, whether the business performs well or not during the year.


One of the major principles Wealth Solutions has embraced in a bid to ensure all assets and wealth at hand are well taken care off is the long-term strategy principle. With this yardstick, Richard Blair and his team are able to build a strategy aligning to the client’s financial desires. As such, the client not only enjoys being in step with the investments being made on his behalf, but also, he is able to relate with the liquidity alternatives put in place for his assets or wealth.


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Adam Milstein Explains How Israeli-Americans Are Now Pillars of the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and an activist. He was born in Israel and moved to the United States to study at the University of South California. He works at Hager Pacific Properties as the managing director. Adam Milstein writes that Israeli-Americans have come very far. It used to be that Israeli-Americans were at the fringe of the Jewish community in the United States. They were considered outsiders, as if they were going to leave and go back to Israel at any time.

However, Adam says, now he is not both an Israeli and an American, but an Israeli-American. No longer are Israeli-Americans on the fringe of the community and on the fringe of their synagogues. They have become more and more common and more and more prominent. This has resulted in things like the Israeli-American Council. The Israeli-American Council was co-founded by Adam Milstein. They have programs in twenty seven states, and they do all sorts of things in order to empower and help Israeli-Americans. The Israeli-American Council, under the leadership of Adam Milstein, is strengthening the Jewish community in the United States and the Israeli community in the United States, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

Not only that, Adam Milstein writes, but the Israeli American Council has become a bridge between the Jewish communities in the United States and the State of Israel. Israeli-Americans have a connection to both, so they serve to bridge the gap between the two, and his Facebook.

The Israeli American Council conducts gatherings and three-day conferences where Israeli Americans come together. Politicians, writers, editors, journalists, activists, and philanthropists all come together to help build the community together. Israeli-Americans serve as a conduit for injecting the Jewish community in the United States with Israeliness, according to Adam Milstein. They have come from being on the fringe to not only being an active player in the Jewish community in the United States, but a pillar of the community, and

Adam is also the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This foundation focuses on a three pronged approach towards philanthropy for the Jewish community and Israel, and more information click here.

Dick Devos A Recap

The story of Dick DeVos dates back to the 1990s when he became a strategic business leader in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the time, he was poised to become the CEO of Amway. However, he was still making strides as an up-and-coming business leader, and he was also making savvy moves to help support the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation.

At the time, DeVos saw an opportunity to work with city leaders and build a sports multipurpose complex and convention center. However, the plans placed it away from downtown, which was a problem for DeVos who wanted to keep businesses booming in the city’s business district.

Dick saw other opportunities and advised city leaders against taking such a deal. It reminded him of a deal that Detroit made to build the Pontiac Silverdome, only to have the city go bankrupt when the Pistons left the city and the Silverdome was of no use. He did not want a repeat of that happening in his hometown.

Instead, he helped form Grand Action, a group for business leaders who wanted to keep economic opportunities close to downtown and help build worthwhile ventures that would bring commerce and industry to Grand Rapids.

DeVos set his sights on Gerald R. Ford Airport. As an avid pilot, DeVos saw an opportunity to grow his hometown’s airport and looked for opportunities to do so with different air carriers. He found a way with the CEO of Air Tran Airways after a single phone call. The airline began opening new terminals at the Gerald R. Ford airport after the call.

DeVos had to make more moves as Southwest purchased Air Tran a little while later, and the airline was looking to shutter many of its terminals in different cities. DeVos convinced the CEO of Southwest that it was better to keep terminals in Grand Rapids and watch the airport grow. Southwest ultimately did keep those terminals and that business led to a $45 million makeover for the airport.

Now that DeVos is headed to Washington, he has a new reason to reaffirm his business relationships with aviation leaders. He will join a 13-member Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. The new panel will make decisions and oversee regulation changes, policy updates, budgets, and long-term planning as it relates to the aviation industry.

The CEO of Southwest commended the appointment of DeVos to the council as he has a lot of experience working with the former CEO of Amway. DeVos has a long way to go to really move to Washington, but this appointment seems like a step in the right direction that has been a long time coming.

He will join his wife Betsy DeVos who has been making strides in education as the US Education Secretary. Together, the married couple has donated over $184 million to charities through the Dick & Betsy DeVos foundation. It is exciting to see the couple work together closely in politics and stride to form a better union on policies. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani is A Study On Taking Action

Hussain Sajwani is a successful businessman residing in Dubai in the Middle East. He is the owner of DAMAC Properties, a very prosperous real estate development company in the region. As a boy he worked for his father in the family business for many hours after school. Young Hussain swore that he would never be a self-employed entrepreneur because of the long hours involved. He claimed that he would be a degreed professional so he would be able to work normal hours.


After receiving a degree in engineering from the University of Washington in America, Sajwani returned to Dubai and got a job with an oil company as an engineer. While this seemed to be what he wanted, it obviously was not as he started a catering company that wound up serving food to the US Army very successfully during the Gulf Wars.


In 2002 he formed DAMAC properties, a real estate investment firm that would be the path for the Hussain Sajwani family for earning a fortune. The UAE had just made the decision to allow foreigners to legally and permanently immigrate to the country and Sajwani sensed that a real estate boom was about to take place.


One of Sajwani’s very strong points is his marketing ability. He put the word out by initiating a huge advertising budget with signs all over the countryside. One of his favorite slogans was, “A New Bently With Every Apartment.” His first project was sold out completely before construction could even get started.


The DAMAC owner also uses conservative business practices in order to maintain control and integrity over his business operations. He always purchases the land for his projects by paying cash full in advance. This leaves no question as to title and ownership. He finances very little of the construction and finishing, if any at all. Each project has a separate accounting and bank account so if it fails, it won’t affect any other part of the business.


DACAC currently to date has finished over 19,000 apartments with another 44,000 in differing stages of development. Sajwani is noted for the fine luxury and strong construction of his developments as people love the designs and interiors.


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Securus Technologies And Its Plan For Future Expansion and Improvement

When you’re looking for the right people to help you, you seek the help of online information. Most of this online information has a way to make sure to tell you everything that you need, but some of them could be written by feckless writers who are trying to sell you something. In the case of the information about Securus Technologies, you will get a series of diversified information about it. In this article, we will attempt to weed out the noise from the signal, the real meat from the fat. Shall we start?


The Future of Securus Technologies

You may have read something about Securus Technologies planning to acquire different companies to expand its reach and to better their services. This information is in line with the fact that Securus is leading in finding ways to serve the institutions that they’re handling. It is the mission of Securus to always be at the top of the game. It is their mission to make sure that the jail officials have all the tools they need to serve the community they’re in.


According to PR News Wire, the new plans of Securus Technologies is to make sure that there are so many new things in the array of services of Securus that will help officials find the answers to their demands. The e-commerce from Securus to help inmates get the media and entertainment they wish would also be developed by Securus in the future. It is also the wish of Securus to make sure that the high security in their programs will always be at the top and will never fail on anyone.


Truly, Securus is one of the leading companies today that help in making sure the corrections officers have all the tools they need to deliver quality services. Without Securus, it would most likely be hard for this goal to be achieved.


Aloha Construction Reigns In Storm Territory

The past year has had many storms, harsh weather patterns, and hurricanes which have had an impact on many areas. The devastation has left many homes and businesses in the Southeast nearly or completely ravished. During times like these many communities depend on a reliable contractors to rebuild with quality materials and fast. Aloha Construction was able to step in with stabilized services from a family owned Illinois based contractors. Get quality roofing and siding from the professionals with superior in-house finance options. Don’t let the effects of a storm depreciate the net value of your home or business.

If you’re experiencing a leaky roof, this isn’t a job you want to handle on your own. A professional can help you get to the source of your leak and upgrade your shingles. A faulty roof can damage your structure or impede the temperament in your home and introduces an entrance to rodents and pest. A new roof will increase the market value of your home or improve the appearance significantly. Their certified technicians are prepared to fix your roof with superior shingles with a 10 year craftsmanship warranty on their work, and learn more about Aloha Construction.

The siding on your home is important to the overall appearance and your energy bill. Bad siding won’t withstand the elements including prolonged exposure to the cold. They can repair your siding with many style options for your home. Choose between aluminum, Hardee Board, vinyl, and brick siding. Choose the perfect type of siding with many colors to choose from along with custom colors available. Repairing your siding can decrease your energy bill by 26%. Aloha Construction helps you control your energy cost and improve your home decor. Their siding comes backed with the same warranty that covers all their work. Your home is their first priority at Aloha Construction, and

You’re invited to visit the exclusive Aloha Construction website for more details on scheduling a no-obligation free consultation for superior roofing and siding. They also help you with your insurance company when you have a claim and need a licensed contractor for repair work, and more information click here.

Sussex Healthcare – Specializing In Audiology

While advances in technology have improved almost everyone’s life these days, the unquestionable benefit that technology now plays in healthcare can’t be fully understood. Years ago, hearing impairment meant dealing with an increasingly more silent world, or getting one of the hearing aids that had severe cause for consideration. These devices then had bigger parts. The hearing device was definitely noticed by others. It was common for hearing aid wearers to complain of the device being uncomfortable to wear. In addition, these less than adequate medical devices just didn’t work in the way it was imagined by many. Sussex Healthcare has good news regarding new hearing aid products that feature smaller electronic pieces in a comfortable to wear ear device.

Sussex Healthcare once again is leading the charge in fighting hearing loss so common as individuals age. It is thought that 1 in 6 individuals will require help for their decreased hearing capacity. The risks only increase the older anyone lives. The choices in better hearing aids today is giving everyone cause for some celebration. Some hearing deficient individuals are blessedly unaware that there was even a problem. These individuals might avoid interaction with people. They were often cognizant that others looked upon them suspiciously.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home

When an elderly person begins to lose their hearing sense, the person quite often never realizes the extent of their deficiency. Now, with help from the NHS, Sussex Healthcare is moving forward with extensive plans to provide fantastic audiology services. With many of their patients being at a higher age range, Sussex Healthcare knew that such an important advancement in audiology technology and services would greatly benefit many of their patients. Some were already exhibiting classic hearing loss signs and symptoms identified by hearing specialists. This includes inability to have normal conversations without numerous instances of the speaker having to repeat repetitively.

Sussex Healthcare continues in their journey to be the best care home business in the country. They diligently follow up on newer medical related topics that might have an impact on their mostly older population. New hearing aid technological advances have now resulted in finer tuned and tinier electronics in the device, and greater ability to deliver clear sound. Those ancient hearing assist devices had terrible sound interpretation results. Most patients complained about the obviously noisy background sounds. Even people’s ordinary conversations could end up being much distorted. Newer devices are bringing hope.

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Jeremy Goldstein on Employer Stockout Options

Jeremy pursued a bachelor and Master of Arts in history from Cornell University and the University of Chicago respectively. Jeremy Goldstein went on to acquire a juris doctor in law at the New York University Law School in 1999. Jeremy Goldstein started his practice in law at Shearman and Sterling Company as an associate.



Jeremy Goldstein later went on to join Lipton, Rosen, Wachtell, and Katz as a partner. Jeremy worked there for 14 years where he played an active part in the compensation practice, with a specialty on executive compensation arising in connection with acquisitions and mergers as well as executive compensation problems relating to corporate governance. In July 2014, Jeremy became a partner at Jeremy L. & Associates, LLC where he works to date.



In a recent blog post, Jeremy Goldstein explains stock knockout options to help employers. Over the past few years, firms have failed to provide stock options for their employees and this is due to various reasons. Some of the main reasons are, to save money, reduce considerable accounting burdens, economic downturns, and possible stock value drops.



Jeremy Goldstein advises firms to take up the knockout option because it is valuable to both the employer and employee. The fact that the option only boosts employee’s earnings only when the value of the stock means that employees will focus on the success of the firm in order to improve their own earnings or benefits.



Jeremy Goldstein states that an organization can tailor its knockout option to specifically meet its desirable needs. The stock-out options see to it that the employee loses the value of their shares if the share price falls below a certain predetermined amount. Jeremy concludes by saying that knockout options may not solve all problems but banish many of the obstacles associated with stock-based compensation.


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Paul Mampilly sheds light on how to choose best stocks

Paul Mampilly is one of the investors who are imaginative and much focused because he is capable of predicting the future market winner. He has used this trick over the years to earn himself vast amounts of wealth and excellent reputation. Paul founded Capuchin Consulting Company in order to support average Main Street American to reach their financial goals because he believes that the ordinary Americans are the main pillars of the economy. One of Paul Mampilly’sfocus is food industry where he observes that the millennial generation numbers has risen and therefore food consumption rate is very high. Millenials depend on fast and healthy foods and they spend a lot of money in hotels thus boosting the hotel business, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Additionally their desire for fast foods has contributed to food delivery services like Blue Apron who offer food kit services to the Millenials and Americans at the coast. The food industry has earned a valuation of $ 1.2trillion. This food trend by the millennials help investors to pick companies which will succeed in future. Another perspective that Paul Mampilly focuses the industry is through motor vehicle-making firms. His advice on this type of market is that due its dynamic trend, the best idea is to do away with it. He explains that the emergence of the self-driving car will have an impact in the industry just like the iPhone did to the cell phone industry. In short it is an unpredicted stock and to avoid it or shares related to the automobile industry is a good idea, and

Paul Mampilly’s observation on the medical industry is that the medicine companies which will be able to replace Pfizer and Merck are the ones which will be able to manufacture precision medicine. Precision treatment is where a doctor uses the genetic information and medical history to do his diagnosis rather than the common one fits all treatment. In his Profits Unlimited newsletter, Mampilly has listed five precision medicine based stock and one had gained by 70% in one month. Paul Mampilly was a hedge fund manager and won the Templeton Foundation Competition through generating profits of 76%. He is the editor in chief of Banyan Hill Publishing where he reaches the main street Americans through his newsletter Profits Unlimited. He studied in Fordham Gabelli Schools of Business from 1995 to 1197, City University of New York where he did Economics in 1998 and New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering where he pursued financial Engineering in 1999, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

Adam Milstein – Managing Partner, Hager Pacific Properties – Community Leader

Adam Milstein began his career in Commercial Real Estate when he was about to graduate with his MBA. He realized that he wasn’t being offered as much as the Undergraduate students by employers, so he decided to make his own way in the world. He worked as a broker for a few years, and eventually decided to start his own real estate firm. He also sees himself as being generally interested in the trends of the real estate market and the direction that the market is going.

His philosophy on ideas is to push until his ideas become a reality. He knows that it’s a process to get his ideas off the ground, which is why he advocates for the process to success being slow, and his Linkedin.

Adam counts his business partner as being the biggest influence in his life. He is a very strategic thinker and has a good understanding of how the world works. This combination of attributes means that his business partner is able to greatly contribute to the success of the firm, and

Adam Milstein is widely recognized for being a community leader and a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He also happens to be a native of Israel and he served during the Yom Kippur War. He holds an MBA, and is the managing partner at his own firm which is Hager Pacific Properties. He began his career in 1983, following the completion of his MBA program. His Bachelor’s degree is at Technion in Israel.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council with an aim of expanding the council across the nation. He is also active in the Israeli-American organizations: Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUS, and the Los Angeles board of Birthright Israel. These organizations which he is a part of are designed to advocate for Israel and Jewish causes within the US. He also started SifriyatPijamaB’America, which provides books in Hebrew in the USA, and read full article.