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Alexandre Gama Is One Of Brazil’s Best Businessmen

One of Brazil’s best leaders in the business world is none other than Alexandre Gama. He specializes in the advertising and communications industry. In 1988 he created the company Neogama. Using the degrees he obtained in advertising and communications from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, his firm has seen success since day one. In less than one year of operation, the company Neogama was awarded a Lion from the Cannes Festival. This was the first time ever this award had been handed out to such a young company. Besides his company winning an additional two Lions at the Cannes Festival, they were named Agency of The Year in 2002. Today, the company is still known as one of Brazil’s top firms.

Alexandre Gama has also recieved a lot of recognition for his work as a businessman. According to Wikipedia, between 2006 and 2015 he has earned many different titles for his work in the creative field. For example, he was named Agency Director of the year and was one of the top three most influential business leaders and that Brazil has to offer. Alexandre Gama has won a total of 23 Lions since he graduated college and has worked in the music and art industry as well. Gama held his own unique art show back in 2014 at the Brazilian Museum of Art. Here he showcased unique pieces that made it onto the calendar of cultural events. Alexandre Gama also started a music project callled VIOLAB to showcase the best artists that Brazil has to offer.