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Kabbalah Centre Appeal for the Stars

Most Americans had never heard of Kabbalah until Madonna started sporting her red string bracelet. The pop star icon was quite taken with The Kabbalah Centre so much that she began telling her other celebrity friends. Ultimately, many celebrities seem to have gravitated toward Kabbalah. Madonna says the Kabbalah is about helping people and more information click here.

In Orthodox Jewish tradition, Kabbalah is only to be studied by Jewish, married men over the age of 40. The Kabbalah Centre has been criticized by Orthodox rabbis. According to Rabbi Philip Berg, who was the leader of Kabbalah Revolution in Hollywood till his passing in 2013, he was making the Kabbalah more relevant by simplifying it and correlating it with modern times.

In addition to Madonna, Britney Spears became rather devoted for a period of time. After her split with ex-husband Kevin, she renounced all faith. Paris Hilton claims that the Kabbalah helped her heal after her break-up with Nick Carter. Sandra Bernhard has gone on record to contributing the Kabbalah for removing a lot of chaos in her life and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

Philip Berg and his wife Karen founded the Kabbalah Centre in 1984. In the mid-90s, Rav Berg and Karen moved from New York City and set up their main residence in Los Angeles and Kabbalah’s Website.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is equipped with technology that helps members see the world differently. The Centre’s goal is to help people improve their personal lives. There are many different classes you can take that are dedicated to a variety of topics involving self-help and Kabbalah Centre’s lacrosse camp.

Rav Berg suffered a stroke in 2004. Karen took over as director of The Kabbalah Centre. In 2013 Rav Berg passed away. Today, they have more than 50 locations world wide and Karen has published her own books that are rooted in teaching Kabbalah. She remains dedicated to teaching the wisdom of the Kabbalah. Her son Michael Berg is co-director of The Kabbalah Centre.