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Jeremy Goldstein on Employer Stockout Options

Jeremy pursued a bachelor and Master of Arts in history from Cornell University and the University of Chicago respectively. Jeremy Goldstein went on to acquire a juris doctor in law at the New York University Law School in 1999. Jeremy Goldstein started his practice in law at Shearman and Sterling Company as an associate.



Jeremy Goldstein later went on to join Lipton, Rosen, Wachtell, and Katz as a partner. Jeremy worked there for 14 years where he played an active part in the compensation practice, with a specialty on executive compensation arising in connection with acquisitions and mergers as well as executive compensation problems relating to corporate governance. In July 2014, Jeremy became a partner at Jeremy L. & Associates, LLC where he works to date.



In a recent blog post, Jeremy Goldstein explains stock knockout options to help employers. Over the past few years, firms have failed to provide stock options for their employees and this is due to various reasons. Some of the main reasons are, to save money, reduce considerable accounting burdens, economic downturns, and possible stock value drops.



Jeremy Goldstein advises firms to take up the knockout option because it is valuable to both the employer and employee. The fact that the option only boosts employee’s earnings only when the value of the stock means that employees will focus on the success of the firm in order to improve their own earnings or benefits.



Jeremy Goldstein states that an organization can tailor its knockout option to specifically meet its desirable needs. The stock-out options see to it that the employee loses the value of their shares if the share price falls below a certain predetermined amount. Jeremy concludes by saying that knockout options may not solve all problems but banish many of the obstacles associated with stock-based compensation.


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