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Up-Close With Brian Bonar’s Successful Financial Career

San Diego businessman and corporate executive, Brian Bonar has undeniably left a mark in the financial services industry. Very few peers can boost of similar success in the highly competitive market. Brian Bonar is the board chairman and chief executive officer at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

In addition, he runs a chain of successful enterprises in California, including the highly popular Bellamy Restaurant, which recently opened doors to the public and already promises to be a runaway success.

That Brian’s career has been successful is undebatable. Recently, he was named corporate executive of the year in finance by Cambridge Who’s Who. This in itself is a prestigious honor since it only recognizes the talents, effort, and dedication made by leading men and women in different industries. The award is conferred to only 2 male and female corporate executives who are drawn from different sectors of the corporate world.

Those who are considered for the award are executive who have stood out for not only their career accomplishments but also their academic excellence. They must also be “tried and tested” industry captains. Bonar’s experience in the money markets tops three decades.

His role at Dalrada Financial Corporation is to ensure that all operations are running smoothly. He has been serving in this position for nearly 10 years. He similarly leads teams that offer advice on various issues including employee and company benefits.

Bellamy Restaurant

According to White Pages, when Brian Bonar established Bellamy Restaurant in the heart of San Diego, many people were quick to point out that it would fail since he had no prior experience in the hospitality industry. Nonetheless, the establishment’s success has proved doubters wrong since it has emerged as one of the finest dining locations in the city.

Bellamy benefits from the services of world-famous chef, Patrick Ponsaty. The motivation behind the establishment of Bellamy’s restaurant was the desire by Bonar to come up with an exotic dining location, which would attract all food lovers in San Diego. He brought on board renowned chefs who have helped establish it as the go-to bistro in the city.

Mr. Bonar in Brief

Bonar’s name is synonymous with the success of tens of startups. He is credited with starting Truecept Incorporated, which he helped become a leading name in the corporate world. The financial expert is a trained mechanical engineer, something that surprises all and sundry. He is an alumnus of Strathclyde University and Staffordshire University.

Before embarking on his business career, Mr. Bonar worked at IBM, Adaptec, and Bezier Systems. While working at these firms, he distinguished himself as a team player, easy leaner, and someone with an eye for detail.

His engineering background gave him a third eye in the formation of shrewd business models. He was named corporate guru of the year in 2000, something that asserts to his faultless dedication to his job.